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Dawn Blair has been a writer for as long as she can remember.

She was NEVER an artist. Heck, no! She was mocked by an elementary school teacher for not being able to color and had a middle school teacher threaten to flunk her in art if she didn't learn to cut and paste.

So art was never in the picture.

Until her life sent her for a whirl and Dawn took an art class. Within 10 minutes, the teacher changed her life. 

Dawn began writing and drawing Weblinks as a way to improve her drawing skills. When she practices regularly, she gets better. Gee, imagine that! 

She started Rockin' Life in hopes that humanity would begin to understand that they can achieve bigger things when they set their minds to it. (Kind of like art!)

So now Dawn has to admit to being a writer and an artist. She hopes she makes the world a better, more courageous place.

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