March 5, 2018

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Rockin' Life - page 18

March 8, 2018

Last time I posted Rockin' Life, I mentioned that Legendary Hero Comics was getting a new website.


I certainly didn't think it would be so soon. I literally had to give up a weekend during tax season to get this up because my prior hosting company completely flaked on me and it became evident that all my sites needed  transferred and quickly. As of my writing this, nothing has been resolved with them, but all my Weblinks and Rockin' Life posts have been settled here. In the end, it'll be good, because this will be so much easier to update than the Wordpress install I had. I just wish I hadn't had to do this in "emergency mode" and certainly not during tax season. Oh well. 


The discord with my hosting company, however, makes a good point for this post. They tried to be rockers. They went out they created something. For a long time, it was pretty cool. I loved their service for the first several years. But then they did something that most people do: they stepped back into the dream of what is called "life" and let go of what they were creating. They quit caring about what they were doing and became rocks. Other things in their lives began to matter more. I don't know if the people behind the hosting company were just young kids thinking they were going to make millions, but I really suspect that's not far off. When they didn't, when they began to settle down and have a family and probably needed to pay the bills, their service dropped off from their company. They became part-timers to what was really going on in the rest of their lives. They wanted to keep up what they were doing -- probably greed kept them doing what little they were -- webhosting is probably an easy gig that doesn't require much effort, just a little upkeep every now and then.  I don't know if that's true because that's one field I never had any interest in, so I am making an assumption. But I do know that they had to handle tech support from me a couple times a year and took my money like clockwork. I'm not bitter, just saying that's how it happened.


For whatever reason, they quit building and just let float. You can't ever quit building. You have to keep trying to get better, improving your craft and what you are doing. Otherwise, it is too easy to revert to being a rock.


Keep creating.

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