Rockin' Life - page 19

"Your life doesn't get better by chance," Jim Rohn said. "Your life gets better by change."

It is often said that the best way to predict the future is to create it. But too often people wait until the time is perfect. There is no such time.

To really be frank about this, yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not guaranteed to you. You really only have today, and more specifically, this very moment that you are in. Okay, so sometimes you aren't in a position to start or continue whatever it is you want to do with your life right at this very moment -- you can't start that garden you want if you are parachuting out of a plane which is currently in flight. But, you can know that it is possible. You can imagine it in your mind -- okay, maybe not as you're preparing to make the jump because you certainly should be focusing on the moment then and landing safely on the ground. But you can believe that you are going to make is safely back to the ground and that your next project will be to start that garden.

That was a humdinger of an analogy. Why I went for that one, I don't know, but I was in the moment and believing that I would pull it off. Hopefully, you get my intent and meaning there.

You don't need to actively be working on your project. Instead, just believe that you can do it. Know that it doesn't have to be perfect, your skills don't need to be perfect, life doesn't have to be perfect. Your project should grow your skills. You'll never be "perfect." Live with where you are at and decide to do what you can with where you are at.

Just look at this comic and Weblinks. They aren't perfect. In fact, they are goofy in several places. But they are done. They are part of a larger project that is growing. I certainly didn't get all those pages done at once. No, they are built up over many years. Each one posted is a change in my life, my skills, my growth.

Don't wait. If you want your life to change or even to do something new in your life (which is a change in your current condition), don't wait. Start now with who you are and where you at. Believe that you can do it. That's all you need.

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